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A complete digital restoration of the legendary psychedelic underground newspaper originally published in the Haight Ashbury during the Summer of Love.

This CD-ROM contains each and every page of all 12 issues printed - In all their original brilliance - which can be viewed on your computer and can be printed on your desktop printer. In addition, on a DVD, is a half hour interview with Allen Cohen, the original editor and founder of The Oracle, as well as the video Oracle Rising by Claire Burch, about the Haight Ashbury and the creation of The Oracle newspaper.

Edited by Allen Cohen $24.95


The Haight Ashbury and the San Francisco Oracle

Told By Allen Cohen

Editor of the Oracle

$9.99 • Audio CD

Hear Allen Cohen tell the story of the Haight Ashbury and the San Francisco Oracle in his own words. Relive the era through the eyes of the man who was there from the beginning and played a huge roll in shaping the generation of the 1960’s.

1. Oracle issue #1 The Beginning
2. Oracle Issue #2.
3. Oracle Issue #3
4. Oracle Issue #4
5. Oracle Issue #5 The Be In Issue
6. Oracle Issue #6
7. Oracle Issue #7
8. Oracle Issue #8
9. Oracle Issue #9
10. Oracle Issue #10
11. Oracle Issue #11
12. Oracle Issue #12
13. Closing the Oracle
Total Running Time 77:42


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