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Hamilton Camp

Sweet Joy

Contemporary acoustic folk music from the legendary Hamilton Camp. Never a recording with more heart. Partnered with the reknowned Bob Gibson in the sixties to create the celebrated Gibson & Camp at the gate of horn recording.

This is the final recording by the legendary Hamilton Camp. Completed by Hamilton and producer James Lee Stanley, Hamilton passed away on October 2, 2005.

October 3 , 2005 —A Word from James:
Dear friends in the folk community, hamliton camp passed away last night. evidently from a heart attack. for those of you who knew him, this is a profound loss. for those who didn't, hamilton was there as the great folk scare began. Judy Collins opened for Hamilton and his partner Bob Camp at the Gate of Horn in Chicago back in the day.

There is also a recording of one of their concerts there. it is called Gibson and Camp at the Gate of Horn. Since that time in the early sixties, Hamilton wrote, performed and toured as well as evolving into a fine actor, whose work could be seen in Beatty's Heaven Can Wait amongst countless others. He was also quite a series of characters on such tv shows as Mash and the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

We had been friends since we performed together at the Earl of Old Town in Chicago in the mid seventies, he with the Skymonters and me solo.

Last summer he called and asked me to produce a recording of him that was dedicated to his lovely wife Rasjada who had passed away over two years ago. he came in, utterly prepared and performed the songs with so much heart, I suggested that we record him live, voice and guitar and then have the other musicians simply play afterwards and just serve his performances. Both he and his son Ray told me that no one had ever captured him so spot on. Only this past Friday, Hamilton and I just finished the cover art and copy for the album. he asked, "is there anything else i have to do?" i told him no that it goes to manufacturing and beachwood recordings will be releasing the cd in January. Hamilton went home and passed away over the weekend. I think he was just staying here to finish this recording for Rasjada and then, when he knew it was all done, he slipped away.

But his triump is this cd. It is called sweet joy. we are proud to be a part of his legacy. He was a wonderfully funny, charming and talented man and one of my dearest friends. The world is a poorer place without him in it.

1. Song of the Wandering Angus
2. Long Train
3. 2:19
4. Nothin But the Blues
5. New Beginnings
6. Highway Man
7. Sittin on a Rooftop
8. Celts
9. Pride of Man
10. Ring Them Bells
11. Sweet Joy
12. Windsong


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