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Allen Cohen Poetry and Writings

Childbirth is Ecstasy

Authored by Allen Cohen
Photographs by Stephen Walzer

"There would be no war if every man received his son onto this planet in this way and had known his wife in this act of ecstasy."
-From Childbirth is Ecstasy, by Allen Cohen

Allen Cohen was the editor and founder of the legendary San Francsio Oracle and the last of the beat poets. Allen was a visionary who was often way ahead of his time. The Human Be In and the Summer of love in San Francisco were visions from the mind of Allen Cohen. In 1969 Allen closed the Oracle and moved up north to live communally. It was during this time they started to live off the land and raise a family.

Childbirth is Ecstasy is the Aquarian answer to childbirth. It is a document of the birth of Allen and Laurie's son River. It is the first picture book of live birth set to the words of Allen Cohen and the photos of Stephen Walzer. This book is a complete restoration of the 1971 classic. The book was restored using all of the original photos and layouts from the original publication. Every photo and text has been relayed exactly as it was in the 1971 issue..
Pick up the 2011 edition of this Aquarian classic.

List Price: $9.99

childbirth cover image

8 x 10
Black and White
82 pages


Book $9.99

The San Francisco Oracle

Authored by Mr Allen Cohen

A complete copy of the legendary psychedelic underground newspaper originally published in the Haight Ashbury during the Summer of Love. The San Francisco Oracle, published in the Haight Ashbury from 1966 to 1968, was one of the most unique and beautiful publications of the '60s. It is remembered for its extraordinary graphic design by major San Francisco artists, its rainbow colors and the cultural explorations and breakthroughs in its articles, interviews and poetry. This book contains each and every page of all 12 issues printed - in all their original brilliance

"If the New Age Movement is a religion, these idealistic explorations into the personal experience and social implications of 'mind expansion' are part of its cannon. From the Aquarian Age to Native American shamanism, Eastern mysticism, communal living, utopian revolution, sexual liberation, ecological awareness and the socio-spiritual implications of LSD, The Oracle provides source documents of an eclectic spirituality and social philosophy that continue to exert a widespread - albeit subtle - influence on American society."
- The San Francisco Chronicle

"The Fantastic graphics of The Oracle, many wrapped around pages or double spreads of text, were mostly printed in black and white, but many glowed in deep reds, fuchsias, blues, oranges and yellows produced in a printing process now extinct. Regent Press has brought them back to life through what must have been maddeningly laborious handwork on the press; here indeed is the old Oracle in all its opulence. Open any page and you are back on the streets of the Haight Ashbury in as time when that tiny urban spot was the Olympus of the newborn world."

- The New York Times Sunday Book Review

oracle book cover
8.5 x 11 Full Color Book
444 pages


Book $89.99

The Haight Ashbury and the San Francisco Oracle

Told By Allen Cohen

Editor of the Oracle

$9.99 • Audio CD

Hear Allen Cohen tell the story of the Haight Ashbury and the San Francisco Oracle in his own words. Relive the era through the eyes of the man who was there from the beginning and played a huge roll in shaping the generation of the 1960’s.

1. Oracle issue #1 The Beginning
2. Oracle Issue #2.
3. Oracle Issue #3
4. Oracle Issue #4
5. Oracle Issue #5 The Be In Issue
6. Oracle Issue #6
7. Oracle Issue #7
8. Oracle Issue #8
9. Oracle Issue #9
10. Oracle Issue #10
11. Oracle Issue #11
12. Oracle Issue #12
13. Closing the Oracle
Total Running Time 77:42


MP3 $9.99

Mythic Moment
Selected poems by Allen Cohen

Read by Allen Cohen

$9.99 • Audio CD

1. Mythic Moment
2. Elegy for Rick Grifin
3. Zorro
4. Three Lives and Hippie Truths
5. Come Deeper Find Me
6. Haight Street Sept, 98 / The Blanket
7. Song for Dino
8. Cole Street Saint
9. The UN at 50
10. Elegy for Garcia
11. Bird Of Paradise/Children
12. Xmas Poem
13. Hiroshima

14. The Biker
15. Leary & Ginsberg
16. Miracles Xmas 95

The Song Cycle Suite 17-23
17. An Awareness Arises
18. Decoding Spring
19. Interlude
20. Rebirth of Forests
21. Interlude
22. The UN at 50
23. The Vision Thing
24. Wavy Gravy Sends Allen Off


MP3 $9.99

An Eye for an Eye Makes The Whole World Blind Poets on 9/11

Edited by: Allen Cohen & Clive Matson
Foreword by: Michael Parenti
ISBN: 1-58790-034-3
$13.50 • 306 pages • paperback

This anthology features poems by over 100 poets from all over America, including the former Poet Laureate of the United States. This important book creates an alternative poetic response to the din of collective madness that has characterized our national dialogue since 9/11/2001. Many of the poets have projected themselves into the minds and bodies of the victims of 9/11, the firemen and policemen who were searching the wreckage of the buildings and even the hijackers. They express deep emotions and profound thoughts with the severe attention to detail that makes poems revelatory. Upon reading these poems written by so many diverse poets one sees a deepening of perception, of renewed seriousness about the human predicament and about the necessity to evolve into our full humanity. We hope the poems will help readers feel more deeply, and think about our future, and ultimately act to achieve a more peaceful and just world.

Poets included in the anthology:

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Diane DiPrima, Robert Creeley, Opal Palmer Adisa, Robert Pinsky, Michael McClure, devorah major, Nellie Wong, Jack Hirschman, David Meltzer Neeli Cherkovski, Lyn Lifshin, Antler, John Sinclair, Allen Cohen, Clive Matson, Al Young, Steve Kowit, Gerald Nicosia, Q.R. Hand, Ira Cohen, Julia Vinograd, Jack Foley, Janine Pommy Vega, A.D. Winans, Shepherd Bliss, S.A. Griifin, Coleman Barks, Claire Burch, Gail Ford... and many more.


Selected poems by Allen Cohen
$10.00 • 109 pages • paperback

Allen’s poetic line is “so natural and real” (to use one of his phrases) that you feel he’s talking to you with a lilt in Golden Gate Park. And when you read his title poem, “The Radiant White Dove,” you feel you could at most be persuaded that God exists.
— Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Look, one of the most meaningful voices of the Counter Culture also leaves behind him poems of beauty and soaring consciousness.
— Michael McClure


Book of Hats

Poems by Allen Cohen Drawings by Ann Cohen
ISBN: 1-58790-062-9
$8.00 • 71 pages • paperback


The poems in the Book of Hats were written while the author was working at the Shlock Shop on Grant Avenue in the North Beach district of San Francisco....Old Indian baskets, whales' teeth, antique dentist tools, sock monkey dolls, political and labor buttons from the thirties, old beer cans, Eskimo knitting tools and hundreds of other old relics are clogged into the many glass cabinets and cases that line the walls and floor space. Hats are everywhere—stacked on shelves, swinging on dummies' heads from the rafters and hanging on nails from the walls ....These poems are transcriptions of his interactions with people who came into the dark shadows of the Shlock Shop and left some part of their being there. The poems reveal the humor and poignancy of the human person that we so often forget to notice in the techno-electro speed of contemporary life.

Allen Cohen was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1940. Moving to San Francisco in the early 60's, he founded and edited the legendary San Francisco Oracle, the psychedelic, rainbow hued underground newspaper published in the Haight-Ashbury. He also helped originate rites of passage like the Human-Be-In. He is also the editor, with Clive Matson of the PEN award winning An Eye For An Eye Makes The Whole World Blind: Poets on 9/11.

Ann Cohen is an artist from L.A. who has lived in Walnut Creek the past 23 years. Her work is widely collected and has appeared in Beatitude magazine, Relix, and Split Shift.




A complete digital restoration of the legendary psychedelic underground newspaper originally published in the Haight Ashbury during the Summer of Love.

This CD-ROM contains each and every page of all 12 issues printed - In all their original brilliance - which can be viewed on your computer and can be printed on your desktop printer. In addition, on a DVD, is a half hour interview with Allen Cohen, the original editor and founder of The Oracle, as well as the video Oracle Rising by Claire Burch, about the Haight Ashbury and the creation of The Oracle newspaper.

Edited by Allen Cohen $24.95


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