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The Dave Getz Breakaway


Can't Be the Only One

“Can't Be The Only One”  Is a unique and powerful collection of songs and compositions written by Dave Getz, who is best known as the drummer and original member of Big Brother and the Holding Co with Janis Joplin..The title song “Can't Be The Only One” is a song Dave and Janis wrote together in 1968 that was never recorded until Dave, 42 years after her death understood  its importance as one of Janis' most autobiographical lyrics and knew there was a way to create the musical reality it was destined for.

“Can't Be The Only One” is a creative masterpiece and has been praised by critics Ben-Fong Torres of Rolling Stone and Greg Evans of the NYTimes.  Beside the title track 'CBTOO presents a set of eclectic musical adventures and great songs that is unlike anything other musical artists of Getz' generation have produced. It is the kind of record  that reveals something new with each listening. It is a record for what musicians sometimes refer to as people with 'big ears'.

Also performing on this CD are many of the great singers and players who have been a part of Big Brother and the Holding Co over the years, including  the late,great blues vocalist Kathi McDonald, (Rolling Stones, Leon Russell)  as well as BBHC original Peter Albin. The second track on the CD “More” features some profound, existential lyrics by the late Sam Andrew.  The next to last track “Trail of Tears” features what may be the last-recorded, signature, guitar solo by the late James Gurley, who was  once called 'the father of psychedelic guitar”.




Listen on Spotify

Listen on spotify

1. Can't Be The Only One
2. More
3. Borderline (The Show Goes On)
4. Blue Tears
5. She Come In Dancing
6. House On Fire
7. Dark Song
8. Waiting For You
9. Heavning
10. Trail of Tears
11. Can't Be The Only One (radio mix)......


CD $9.99


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