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David Peel

David Peel


Up Against The Wall Street

David Peel Returns with the protesters. David was deeply involved in the Occupy Wall Street Movement. David wrote many of the protest songs used for the movement. Former Apple Records Recording Artists David Peel is back with 12 original tracks to protest further! Up Against the Wall Street is one of the strongest albums of his long career!


Listen on Spotify

Listen on spotify

1. Occupy Wall Street
2. We Are the 99%
3. Wall Street Sux
4. Greedy One Percent
5. Marijuana Oh Yeah
6. Mic Check No Check
7. Anonymous
8. Goodbye Hurricane Sandy
9. Save the Earth David Peel
10. All the Homeless People
11. I Like Marijuana (Reggae Style)
12. Let Me Live My Life in Freedom


CD $14.99

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Up Against the Wall Street - David Peel

David Peel Anthology

David Peel and the Lower East Anthology covers a spectrum of tracks from 1967-2010. It is the most comprehensive collection of his track ever assembled in one place. David personally selected this collection of his favorites tracks. From Hippie from New York City to Hemp Hop Smoker the tracks are all there spanning more than 40 years of David Peel and the Lower East Side. Roll up a fat one and smoke a J with everyone from the Pope to Marijuana Mary and beyond.


1 Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw
2 Riot Rock
3 Hippie From New York City
4 I Like Marijuana
5 Can You Smoke It
6 The Pope Smokes Dope
7 Bring Back the Beatles
8 Imagine David Peel
9 John Lennon Interview
10 John Lennon Forever
11 Uptight Manhattan
12 The Yuppie Ghetto
13 All The Homeless People
14 Junk Rock
15 Stop Aids Forever
16 Banana Grass
17 Hemp Hop Smoker
18 Marijuana Mary Jane
19 The Pope Smokes Dope (Electro Version)


CD $9.99

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Anthology - David Peel & The Lower East Side

David Peel and The Lower East Side, Normal Bean

Free Marc Emery. The new protest song from David Peel and the Lower East Side with Special guest Normal Bean.



Free Marc Emory


MP3 Single $0.99