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Djin Aquarian


Destiny of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius is upon us and the consciousness is being renewed within many people young and old, some who were here at the early beginnings and some who wish they were and want to participate in it now. To this consciousness’ awakening I “liv-icate” “Destiny of Aquarius” and hope it moves us closer to our planetary dream of Peace Love and Truth….

Destiny of Aquarius is a compilation of songs that were written mostly out of the prevailing love/truth spirit of the 60’s and early years in the Source Family and shortly after. The songs are of an eternal nature in that they are about the concerns we have not found sufficient answers too….war, poverty, government abuse but also love and wisdom.

Destiny of Aquarius is a collection of Songs for Humanity


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1. We're All People
2. Image You Cast
3. Peace
4. People Of Peace
5. Sun Water Air And Earth
6. Freedon
7. Top Of The Mountain
8. Home
9. Go With The Flow
10. Play With Fire
11. We are god me
12. Now Is The Time
13. Love Is A Strange Thing
14. The Childrens Son
15. Destiny Of America
16. Children Of The Rainbow (Featuring Sky Sunlight Saxon)


Signed by Djin

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