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It became apparent that in the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita that America had been hit by worst natural disaster in its history. Many lives were devastated and much would need to be done in the years ahead to restore the gulf coast. That is why Global Recording Artists and Core records are joining forces to bring you Shelter from the Storm. 50% of the proceeds from this album will go directly to Habitat for Humanity to help rebuild homes for displaced families.

Only with your help will we be able to contribute the much needed funds for rebuilding America.


1. America the Beautiful #2
2. Take a Chance on Romance
3. Sometimes a Heart
4. Sunny Skies
5. You and Me
6. Somewhere in between
7. It's Only Love
8. Fantasy Lover
9. Weather All

Shelter from the Storm $9.99

MP3 $8.91


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