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The Strawberry Alarm Clock Band Photo

The Strawberry Alarm Clock


Wake Up Where You Are

"Wake Up Where You Are" is the first new album from the Strawberry Alarm Clock in over 40 years. Upon the first listen, the new CD is just like opening a time capsule from the '60s. The Strawberry Alarm Clock once again capture the magic of their original recordings and bring it to life again for us in 2012 .

"Wake Up Where You Are" is perfect blend of reinterpretations of classic songs, new material and even a few choice cover tracks. The album kicks off with an amazing version of the Seeds' "Mr Farmer," from the upcoming Sky Saxon tribute CD.

The Strawberry Alarm Clock is composed of original members George Bunnell, Mark Weitz, Randy Seol, Gene Gunnels as well as Howie Anderson (1986). The CD was produced by the band's longtime collaborator Steve Bartek (Oingo Boingo).

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Listen on Spotify

Listen on spotify

1. Mr. Farmer (single version)
2. Strawberries Mean Love
3. Hummin' Happy
4. Birds in My Tree
5. World Citizen
6. Drifting Away
7. Lose to Live
8. Barefoot in Baltimore
9. Charlotte's Remains
10. Sit with the Guru (classic version)
11. Tomorrow
12. Wake up
13. Mr. Farmer (extended with psychedelic jam)
14. Sit with the Guru (extended with drum solo)

CD $9.99

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Wake Up Where You Are - The Strawberry Alarm Clock