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Duncan Faure


Duncan Faure
Machine From The Other Side

Machine From the Other Side the latest release from multimillion selling recording artist Duncan Faure!

Duncan originally hailed from South Africa's Greatest Rock Band Rabbitt. After they sold millions of records and took South Africa by Storm Duncan moved on to be the Lead Singer for the Bay City Rollers. Duncan recorded three critically acclaimed albums with the Rollers. Elevator, Voxx and Ricochet are considered by most to be the best albums of their career. After the Rollers disbanded Duncan Faure and Stuart Wood continued on to further success with Karu scoring a charting hit in South Africa and Japan!

On Duncan's Latest Release the songwriting shines. Duncan performing at a grand piano singing 12 new songs! The album contains the singles Hullo Baby and Loved and Dreamed Wishes. One of the highlights of the albums is Duncan's versions of two John Lennon songs. Duncan tackles Imagine with grace and style! The second track is a relatively unknown John Lennon song called Tennessee. This song was never officially released and only showed up on bootleg records. Duncan records the first official version of this song. Duncan does a masterful job of covering this relatively unknown Lennon song.

1. Billy in the Big Band 4:11
2. Hullo Baby 4:28
3. Imagine 2:50
4. It Was All So Different Then 3:15
5. Love and Dreamed Wishes 3:53
6. Villain of the Peace 2:39
7. Leaves 3:00
8. Machine From the Other Side 3:45
9. Tennessee 3:37
10. Don't Win the Broken Heart 3:35
11. England Doesn't Sleep 3:30
12. So Quick It Feels Like A Day 2:04



Duncan Faure Anthology


Disc 1
1 Nightfall (2010)
2 Racing Car (1981)
3 Lovely is the Woman (1980)
4 Come Back (Karu)
5 World Stood Still (Karu)
6 In the Right Place (Karu)
7 Finally in Love (1985)
8 I’ll Always Be There
9 In a Hundred Years
10 Dad’s Town
11 Tear In Her Eye
12 Around The Corner
13 Tonight I Pray for a Miracle
14 Oh You Make Me Blue
15 Where is the Music
16 Lovelight
17 Come Dance With Me
18 Seen The Way You Look At Me

Disc 2
1 Brother
2 This Is Love This Is Real
3 Wouldn’t It Be Good
4 Better Than Ever
5 Man of A Thousand Dreams
6 Get Inside Your Heart
7 You Know me so well (Alternate mix)
8 Not Enough Hours (Alternate mix)
9 Timilu
10 Galaxy
11 Forever
12 Kings Anthem
13 Christmas Song
14 This Is The Christmas
15 Brother Live WPLJ Radio
16 Eyes of the Innocent (demo)
17 I Won’t Give Up (Orange Cashboat)
18 Girl On Her Own (Orange Cashboat)
19 Feels Like A Day (2010)


Signed by Duncan

MP3 $19.98

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