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Alexander Tsygankov and Inna Shevchenko

ALEXANDER TSYGANKOV and INNA SHEVCHENKO have performed together for many years. Their touring schedule has taken them to most of Europe, the United States and parts of Asia. Mr. Tsygankov has been called the “Russian Paganini” and holds the coveted title of Distinguished Artist of Russia. He has performed at the White House, Carnegie Hall, New York’s Lincoln Center and has thrilled audiences in Washington D.C.’s famed Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

The author of three books, containing his original musical compositions and transcriptions for the domra, Mr. Tsygankov is the world’s leading composer for the Domra. The distinctive style of these compositions has opened new possibilities for the instrument and set the standard for domra technique.
His recorded works include three CD’s entitled: A journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow, Thirty Years Together, and Round the World Journey.

INNA SHEVCHENKO holds the much revered title of Honored Artist of Russia and is a renowned piano soloist and accompanist. She accompanies Mr. Tsygankov on each of the above recordings and regularly performs with him throughout the world. Her style and technique is distinctive and unique. She grew up in Ukraine and moved to Moscow where she graduated from the Russian Academy of Music. She too has toured the United States, not only with her husband, Mr. Tsygankov but as a member of the well known Moscow Balalaika.


Alexander Tsygankov and Inna Shevchenko
American Souvenir


1. The Peddlers
2. Chastushki
3. Along Muromsky Road
4. Padespan
5. Dunya’s Ferry Boat
6. A Thought by Budashkin
7. Russian souvenir
8. Jewish melodies
9. Yankee Doodle
10. Lara’s theme
11. La Paloma
12. Tiger-rag
13. Dark Eyes
14. Mar Dyandya
15. Moon is Shining.

All Songs Recorded Live in Berkeley California

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