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Bay Area based Flanelhed celebrates two decades this year with the release of Flanelhed-Live. Recorded September 28th 2013 in Oakland, this recording captures the band at their peak performance & high energy level ,being the last show of their mini tour promoting their 2012 release of Flanelhed-Static. It features four new tracks that will be on their next studio album.

Watch Video - The Wreck

Listen on Spotify

Listen on spotify

1 White Noise
2 Fall To Earth
3 Done
4 Tornado Woman
5 Leave It All behind
6 The Wreck
7 Voraus
8 Curtain Call



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Flanelhed Live


Flanelhed exploded out of the North Bay Rock scene in 1994, quickly headlining New Georges and building an energetic following. In 1996 they released an aggressive and melodic self-titled debut, following it up with Chameleon in '99. After ten years of playing blistering live shows all over the bay area, 2003 saw the release of Little Black Dog, which explored a more unplugged sound, but 2008's Amnesia showed the band tilting back towards a heavier attack which reflected their appreciation of bands such as Alice In Chains and tool while the music remained rooted in a strong sense of melody and focused songwriting. The band is on top of their game in 2012 with their new release Static and their signing to the Global Recording Artists roster.



1. Static
2. Bedrock
3. Bleed
4. Fungus
5. Fall to Earth
6. Mary
7. Tornado Woman
8. Don't Want
9. Done
10. Wrong
11. White Noise


CD $9.99