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Crawfish of Love

Darkest Show on Earth

Crawfish Of Love - Darkest Show On Earth

And now for something completely different.

The Darkest Show on Earth is a stripped-down production with a minimum of sound effects or unusual musical arrangements. Instead, this song cycle builds on bare-bones acoustic guitars with occasional organ, percussion, understated brushes on the snare, and Gospel-choir proclamations. Something of a nightmare dream-state between Dylan's early work and his Blonde on Blonde period of surrealistic imagery.

The Darkest Show on Earth is just that, a journey where fatman, midgets, and fairway customers spend a lot of time looking at each other through fun-house glasses. No one is odder than the women including "Aqualina," the mermaid described in a Tex-Mex slow brew of guitar, maracas, and accordion. There's "Reptilica" who'll screw 15 men a day before noon. There's "Poor Little Grace" with the ugly face, her story told over guitar strains reminiscent of John Lennon's "Dear Prudence."

All these character sketches are interwoven and pulled together in the climatic "Mummy Dust Powder" which reveals the circus's secrets, but it would be unfair to, er, unwrap the mummy's curse here. All I should say is that, after midnight, the midget, fatman, mummy, and the tortured girls have a final good time in the country-rocker, "Corndog Wind," the most musical of all the songs, but still not likely to get, uh, airtime on your local college radio station.

Each outing of the Crawfish of Love is as different from each other as they are completely unlike anything anyone else is doing. If there's one consistency, it's Dave Roberts quirky words whether sung, recited, rapped, or drawled. Septober Octember was a varied palate of musical settings and styles; Snake Language emphasized the sizzling guitar lines of Gary Duncan. The third official GRA release is another kettle of fish entirely and not one likely to go down easily, even with a good dose of Mummy dust powder.


1. Carnival En-trance
2. Darkest Show On Earth
3. Bwoon
4. Schlitzie's An Idiot
5. Aqualina
6. Half Girl, Half Snake, All Monster
7. Neandron, Man Or Beast
8. Grace McDanials, The Mule Faced Woman
9. The Midget's Watching Me
10. Now I Know
11. Mummy Dust Powder
12. Corndog Wind



CD $9.99

Gary Duncan with Crawfish of Love

Snake Language


1. Snake Language (part one)
2. War Dance In A Boxcar
3. Neighbor For Tea
4. Maiden Voyage
5. Spanish Harlem
6. Señor Blues
7. Murray Bowman, Stand-up Comedian
8. Mozelle’s Mushroom Mambo
9. Mozelle Meets The Hangman
   a. The Greens
   b. Golgotha
   c. The Shift
10. The Hangman
11. How Dark’ll You Let The Roux Get?
12. Cairo, Not Cairo
13. Calvary
14. Snake Language (part two)

Signed by Gary Duncan $20.00

Crawfish of Love

Septober Octember


1. meringue podium
2. bourbon street monster
3. delicate hairnet of ice
4. luanda and the cake people
5. fourth and laura
6. opie eat the gazelle
7. neclaces with a lisp
8. landons nightmare
9. horrible mall
10. we must collect our lips
11. she colors the noodles blue
12. muffaletta umbrella
13. pamelas hairnet of ice
14. fierce bubble initials
15. little maryanne
16. blooming moose
17. gotcher pencils?
18. septober octember
19. november 1st hardwood floor



Get Gary Duncan with the Crawfish of Love
Crawfish of Love Septober Octember*

$23.00 unsigned

$28.00 with Snake Language signed by Gary

* Crawfish of Love Septober Octember does not feature Gary Duncan.

** Only Snake Language is signed by Gary

Signed by Gary Duncan** $28.00

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