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Allright Family Band

Allright Family Band
Music Is Love

Available for the first time in the digital format a reissue of AFB's 1978 Hawaiian release. The Allright Family band has been a staple of the Hawaiian music scene since the 1975. Sky Sunlight Saxon is closely associated with the Band. He often performed with them live and is highlighted on the track Starry Ride. Starry Ride is a track sky recorded in the 70's many times but most people consider this version the best. It also includes Djin Aquarian on bass from the underground psych band Yahowha 13. This reissues expands over the original lp and contains two bonus cuts from the 1980s. The 2010 version of Starry Ride that is from the Sky Saxon Tribute cd and two tracks from the Buckz Boyz the next generation of the Alright Family Band.


Listen on Spotify

Listen on spotify

Track List:
1 Music is Love (B.Rodgers)
2 Help Yourself ( B. Bandura, Buck Rodgers)
3 Dove (B.Rodgers)
4 Starry Ride (S. Saxon-Rainbow)
5 Cadillac (D. Newmark)
6 Childs Word (B, Bandura, B. Rodgers, K. Kotos)
7 Love Is The Key (B. Rodgers)
8 Peace of Mine ( B.Rodgers)
9 Know That I love You - Bonus Cut
10 Everybody Win- Bonus Cut
11 Starry Ride 2010 - From Sky Saxon Tribute Record
12 Simmer Down - Buckz Boyz
13 Another Day - Buckz Boyz


CD $9.99


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Music Is Love - Allright Family Band & Sky Sunlight Saxon

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