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Tim Garon
Breath Upon the Wind

The songs on this cd represent a period of time in Tim Garon's life when he was on a personal 'spiritual quest' and in 1969 at the age of eighteen, after living/playing and busking on the streets of New York City he decided to head out to Los Angeles where he continued playing and busking on the streets, but he also started attending meditation classes at Yogi Bhajan's 3HO ashram.  Tim's cousin was Yogi Bhajan's personal secretary, at the time.  It was there at the ashram that Tim met a man whom Tim would soon begin to believe was a 'spiritual' teacher and a father figure to him.  These are the songs that Tim wrote, during the time that he spent in The Brotherhood of The Source (later changed to The Source Family), where he came to believe that its leader, Jim Baker helped Tim to find his way, during that period of time in his young life where he experienced an existential angst about the meaning and purpose of life; as many did during the late sixties and early seventies.  For a time, becoming a follower of Jim Baker gave Tim a 'spiritual' mooring and direction---something that many were seeking during that time.  So, just to give some context----these early songs of Tim's are mostly about the cosmic or 'spiritual' beliefs that Tim had adopted, during that time in his life---songs about love, light and peace on earth.  Because these are some of the very first songs that Tim ever wrote, they best capture his youthful energy, idealism and innocence, along with his self-deprecating sense of humor.  After The Source family ended, Tim moved on his life and continued writing songs and making music, but he chose to never perform any of these songs again, with the exception of Breath upon the Wind. 

----Laura Garon

"I feel as clear as your celestial eyes that reflects the light of cosmic oceans"

"Let the wind blow away all the ashes of the past to burn within the sun"


Tim Garon

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1 Life Is a puzzle
2 You’re Always There
3 Oyster Song
4 Celestial Eyes
5 Little Rats
6 The Ass
7 Little Ditty
8 St. John’s Surrender
9 Santa Claus is God
10 Breath Upon the Wind
11 My Little Darling
12 Along The Way
13 I Want Some More
14 Sweet Melody
15 Beatles Song
16 Take Me To The River
17 Beyond The Skies