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Winter Crickets

Winter Crickets is a new dawn for Sleepyard. This is their 5th full-length album in an expansive body of work. The band's four previous album have each in part, celebrated the seasons. Winter Crickets is no exception with the elegiac title track, and the sultry Summer Crickets.

As ever, Sleepyard explores sonic and harmonic territories, with a heady and evocative blend of musical variety. Sunshine pop, dreamy folk and psychedelic soundscapes carry the listener through the spaces of the heart and mind

Drawing from a wealth of gifted collaborators and special guests, Winter Crickets features multi instrumentalist and vocalist Katje Janisch, Judy Dyble (Fairport Convention, Trader Horne) and Geoff Leigh (Henry Cow).

Oliver Kersbergen and Svein Olav Kersbergen are SLEEPYARD, They proudly present, Winter Crickets. A hallmark of an album, in any season.


Listen on Spotify

Listen on spotify

1 Winter Crickets
2 Light Forces
3 (Always)  in the Back Of My Mind
4 Silent Running
5 Blue  Barracuda
6 Summer Crickets
7 Big Picture
8 Stardrop
9 Angels Make Perfect
10 Mercury Tourist
11 Red Lightning
12 The Harmony Signal
13 Goodnight and Farewell
14 Winter Crickets (Reprise)


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black sails

The band has now completed a new album called Black sails which explores a more electronic and ambient sound, but still keeping the warmth from earlier releases. Aquatic drones, psychedelic suggestions and inspired melodies overlay on each other on the 10 featured tracks. Black Sails is a voyage on the seven seas and features a rich tapestry of emotions and imagination.
Black Sails marks the 20th anniversary of Sleepyard.

Collaborators on this album are Dawn Smithson (Jessamine), Mike Garson, Judy Dyble (Fairport Convention), Geoff leigh (Henry Cow), Richard Formby, Nik Turner (Hawkwind), Gaute Storsve (Ignore), Tom-Erik Løe (UR) Suki Ewers (Mazzy Star, Old Toy Trains) Bo Chung (Old Toy Trains), Randall Nieman (Fuxa) Stefan Persson (Unknown Celebreties) and King Knut (Mothlite)



Listen on Spotify

Listen on spotify

1. 1000 Year Vacation
2. Midnight Bright
3. Chocolate River
4. Rainy Day Vibration
5. Milk and Honey
6. Butterflies
7. Satelite Calling
8. Powercut
9. 1000 Year Vacation (reprise)
10. Old Misty

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