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Chris Darrow/Max Buda
"Island Girl"


Listen on Spotify

Listen on spotify

1. Island Girl Theme 4:42
2. Ukulele Orchestra 4:31
3. Tiki and the Girl 3:30
4. One Step Away From Heaven 4:01
5. Saps at Sea 4:32
6. Tiki's Song 1:54
7. Wipe! 5:17
8. Church 1:54
9. Native Chant 2:50
10. The Storm 5:11
11. Reprise 3:30

CD $9.99

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Island Girl - Chris Darrow & max buda

Max Buda and I go back to 1966 when we were members of the eclectically diverse band, Kaleidoscope. In 1981 we did our first Darrow/Buda album called Eye of the Storm, which was an all-instrumental rock and roll record with a definite water overtone. The two of us have continued to collaborate both compositionally and instrumentally ever since.

Island Girl is the second record in a trilogy of our faux, movie sound tracks. The only imperative for these treatments is that the word "Girl" be incorporated into the title. Our first, Harem Girl, a story of a strong, independent and indentured woman who wins out in the end, was released in 1998 on the German label, TAXIM. The music had a definite Middle Eastern attitude without trying to be traditional or imitative. With Island Girl we try to provide a mellifluous island flavor of some undetermined, mythical time. We choose to treat these works as suites, working chronologically through the story from the opening title to the closing credits. These projects are long and arduous yet tremendously rewarding, since we co-write all the music and play most of the instruments ourselves. In addition, I have to act as both engineer and producer. For Island Girl, besides Max and myself, we utilized former Byrds bass player, John York, to help out on acoustic bass, ukulele, percussion and vocals. Jerry Waller, our favorite keyboard player, contributed some great piano on the final cut, Reprise. My son, Steven Darrow, played some wonderfully appropriate drums and percussion on the surf tinged Wipe!. Last, but not least, is Connie Mardon, whose beautiful voice sings the first vocal song, ever, on a Darrow/Buda record, One Step Away From Heaven.

After reading the story provided, we hope that the music brings some alluring Oceanic images to your mind and provides some escape into our world and the mythic characters of Island Girl.

Chris Darrow