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On the Edges
1. Love In Space Nick Mandola (S&R Music) 2:54
2. Uno Vez Mas Wayne Boyer (S&R Music) 2:45
3. It's So Easy Nick Mandola (S&R Music) 2:34
4. Give And Take Nick Mandola (S&R Music)2:31
5. Let Me Fly Away With You Kirby Hamilton-Nick Mandola (S&R Music) 2:34
6. Train Thru Thailand Scott Seely-Nick Mandola (S&R Music) 3:00
7. Capricco Nick Mandola (S&R Music) 2:45
8. 'Til We Meet Scott Seely-Wayne Boyer (S&R Music) 3:36
9. Here With You Kirby Hamilton-Nick Mandola (S&R Music) 2:30
10. Hurt And All Alone Scott Seely-Robin Miller (S&R Music) 2:50
11. Never Say Never Wayne Boyer (Boyer Publishing -S&R Music) 4:08
12. How Long Is Forever Wayne Boyer (S&R Music) 4:49
13. Those Eyes Wayne Boyer­Rico Madariaga(S&R Music- Boyer Publishing) 5:09
14. Fiesta For Two Wayne Boyer (S&R Music) 4:00
15. Crisis Clinic John Shipley (Washoe Zephyr Music) 3:00

Various Artists

A Compilation Of Jazz-Pop Instrumentals


ON THE EDGES is a collection of instrumental tracks compo sed and recorded between 1981 and 1996 by musicians who recorded in the A & R Recording Studio in Rancho Mirage, CA. I opened the studio in 1978 and was looking for an engineer when Nick Mandola stopped by and said he would like to sign on . Nick had been sleeping in a one room studio in Yucca Valley, CA and turned out to be not only a gifted technician but a talented composer, pianist and guitarist. He had recently returned from Paris where he studied piano at the Paris Conservatory.

Nick Mandola compositions,tracks 1,3, 4, and 7, were composed and recorded from 1981 to 1985. Nick and I co-wrote songs including Train Thru Thailand, featuring Jay Thomas on trombone and bass trumpet. Jay’s new CD Dawnsong, was recorded in his studio in San Antonio. His CD Up And Runnin is available on this site.

Kirby Hamilton was driving along Highway 111 and happened to see the A & R Studio near the corner of Bob Hope Drive. He came into the studio and told me that he was available to do studio work as a drummer, vibes, keyboards and vocals. After hearing Kirby do a number on vibes I called Nick Mandola and asked him to come over to the studio and meet Kirby. After that first meeting Nick and Kirby worked together on many projects as writers and producers including the album Rise Above, by artist Chante, talented vocalist and songwriter. Let Me Fly Away With You and Here With You, were recorded in 1981. They wrote and produced the songs in Kirby’s album RIP-LIFE, released on Accent Records in 1982. Kirby now lives in Goldsboro, NC where he is recording a new CD to be released in June 2008. His company IGB-Entertainment, deals with Artist Development, Nightclub Management, Special Events and Concerts. Visit his web site at

Wayne Boyer–Composer–Arranger–Producer–Artist. I first met Wayne in a Palm Springs club when he was playing drums for pianist and vocalist, Robin Miller. Robin had written lyrics to Hurt And All Alone and asked me if I would compose the music. Wayne liked the music and wanted to do an instrumental recording of the song . He played drums and trumpet and produced the track with Nick Mandola . In 1984 Wayne wrote and recorded UnoVez Mas, and we co-wrote Till We Meet which Wayne arranged, produced and recorded . Tracks 11, 12, 13 and 14 were recorded in Spirit One studio. Wayne now has his own studio in Resesda, CA and resides in Thousand Oaks, CA. Visit his web site at

John Shipley wrote and recorded Crisis Clinic in 1996 in his studio in Rancho Mirage, CA. I discovered the track while listening to a collection that had been put on DAT in the A & R Studio. I contacted Shipley who agreed that the track would be appropriate as a closing number for ON THE EDGES. John now lives in Carson City, Nevada where he is in demand as a keyboard artist, composer, producer and conductor. In 1976, when I was still in my Hollywood studio, Shipley came into the studio to record some demos for a client. I was impressed by his talent but we never kept in touch. In Rancho Mirage I was not aware that John lived only a few minutes from the studio until one day when he showed up to engineer a session. We renewed relationship and from that time until sometime in 1996 I called on him to assist me as an engineer and producer. We co-wrote the songs Escoba and Dancing Waters in 1998 . Escoba is in John Shipley’s first CD, Dance Of The Jacaranda Tree, and Dancing Waters is in his latest CD, Shipped. Both CDs were released on Shipley’s label WZP records and are available on his web site

Some of the well known names that used the A & R Studio include, Jack Jones, Andy Williams, Phil Harris, Buddy Merrill, Richard Christopher, Ginger Rogers, Kaye Ballard and Martin Denny.

Special thanks to Roman Oles, musician and technical consultant, who was employed as technician at KESQ in Palm Springs, CA when we opened the A & R Studio. Roman helped set the studio up and from 1978 until we closed in 1998 he was instrumental in maintaining the studio equipment and advising us on technical issues. Roman’s consulting business is based in Cathedral City, CA.

Scott Seely, Accent Records